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Mutilated Vestiges of a Mis-Spent Youth

In Visual Art on April 4, 2009 at 6:12 pm

Did you play with action figures as a child? I did. And, after my brothers were through with them, they looked much like the losing side of an epic battle with the legion of super-villains.
Malaysian artist Olan Ventura has represented such artifacts by transforming them into oil paintings. His work is on display at the Taksu Gallery in Kuala Lampur. Called “Toy Box”, it is a study in how humans use superheros. Unlike the pristine examples found in enthusiast’s collections, these represent what one might think real super heros might look like, complete with battle scars and wounds.

Hat tip to io9.

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  1. I checked out that gallery and it’s amazing! I love the Daredevil and Tornado paintings. I have no idea how he paints the action figures so that they look like action figures. I can’t imagine how much experimenting the artist had to do to get all the colors down.

    • When I first scanned the article and images, I actually thought he was displaying the actual action figures, not paintings of them. I am blown away by his style. Plus I love super heroes, so it is a perfect fit for me.

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