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Art With An Urban Asthetic

In Visual Art on April 4, 2009 at 3:13 pm

I stumbled across Jason Thielke‘s art this morning on Friendfeed. I love his unique, graphic style. His statement, taken from his own site:

Jason Thielke’s art focuses on urban landscapes and their inhabitants. A strong emotional connection to the built environment and its inevitable rise and fall provide the foundation for his work. Thielke’s aesthetic encompasses both contemporary and traditional techniques much like modern architecture; his process of drawing, composing, and transferring images mirrors the planning, deconstruction and reconstruction phases of urban gentrification. The architectural style in his work is applied to his interpretation of the human form, which comfortably contrasts hard lines with soft features and mixed emotions. Thielke often parallels this theme with the resurgence of American figurative painting. Thielke earned his Bachelor of Fine Arts degree at the Northern Illinois University School of Art and has held solo exhibitions in Denver, Portland and Seattle.

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  1. This is magnificent. I’ve never seen any graphic art like this; i love the movement and the crazy connection between the man and the woman.

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